3 DIY Kids Halloween Costume Ideas - Flamingo, Turtle, Tiger

Hi there! Below are step by step instructions for 3 costumes that I made last year. Remember - it's not about perfection. I promise your little one will LOVE anything that you make them. Plus they get to watch you make something with your hands, which is pretty cool :) Happy Halloween! xx, Jen   1. Pink Flamingo Scroll down for the turtle & tiger instructions :)   For the flamingo you will need: Pink tulleRibbonFelt - pink, black, & whiteCereal box (or other cardboard)Something pink to wearScissorsNeedle / thread (or hot glue gun!)   Make the Tutu Skirt: First cut one...

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Kids Scavenger Hunt

Download for outdoor fun with your little explorer :) Right click and save to print! Tag us on instagram if you want to share your adventures 🌞    

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