DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine Mice Cards

This is a simple and fun craft to make with young children - my (almost) 4 year old loved it :)

We made mice valentine cards for his preschool classmates and had a nice assembly line going together by the end - trace, cut, glue, decorate. I filled some with mouse puns (obviously) and Pierce went for it decorating the rest!

We used things we had on hand, including scrap paper from other projects that I had saved. These can be whatever size you want, so work with what you have :)



-Paper (we used kraft cardstock & construction paper)
-String for "tail" (i.e. cotton twine or yarn)
-Pen / marker

Instructions for making heart-shaped valentine mice cards

Step 1:

Fold your paper in half and draw an "elephant ear" to create your half-heart and cut it out (once I found the shape I liked, that became my template to trace the rest all the same). Also cut out a second heart, smaller in size and in a contrast color, for the inside.

Step 2:

Use marker or pen to draw the nose, whiskers, and eye on each side of the mouse "face" (the pointy end).


Step 3:

Glue string on the inside fold followed by the smaller heart cut out. 

Step 4:

Write a message! If you're feeling the mouse puns, may I suggest:

You're the micest

Be my squeakheart

I mouse tell you...I love you!

Have a mice day

Thanks for being a mice friend

Sugar and spice and everything mice!



I hope you enjoy this one with your kids!