Packaging plays a major role in measuring the social and environmental impact of a business. For this reason, we keep ours to a minimum and thoughtfully choose each element that we do use with circularity in mind.

We prioritize using recycled content in all of our products - swimsuits to mailers - here's why...

Making products from recycled content:

1. conserves precious natural resources

2. is more energy, carbon, and resource efficient

3. supports current recycling systems and encourages improvements and innovations in these systems long term

Read more about why recycled content is important here.

Learn about our low waste packaging details below, including resources for how and where to recycle it all :)


Outer Packaging:

100% Recycled Paper Mailers

The majority of your orders ship in our recycled paper mailers. They are super sturdy and perfect for reuse or deconstructing into cardboard projects with your kids (try it!)

100% recycled content
97% post-consumer waste / 3% post industrial waste
Curbside recyclable
Naturally biodegradable and compostable (though recycling is best)


100% Recycled Poly Mailers (aka “the world’s most sustainable poly mailer”)

Occasionally, we use these recycled poly mailers for bulkier orders and accessories.

100% recycled functional resin
50% post-consumer waste / 50% post industrial waste
Thin film recyclable (these bins are often provided by grocery stores or big box retailers like Target)
Easy to reuse with a dual adhesive strip

*Plastic polyethylene film and bags (#2 and #4 plastic films) are technically just as recyclable as other plastics accepted by curbside programs, but they are prone to getting caught in the gears of sorting equipment and can lead to lengthy and costly shutdowns. Because of this, plastic film is dropped off in unique bins available at most grocery stores and big box retailers. You can check for your nearest thin film drop off here.



50% Recycled Water-Activated Tape

Sometimes, we may reinforce outer packaging with this tape. Great news - it does not need to be removed from its package when placed in the recycling bin. The paper facestock can be recycled and the starch-based adhesive easily dissolves and separates in the repulping process.

50% Recycled Content
Renewable, plant-derived adhesive and backing, not reinforced with fiberglass (making it compostable)


Inner Packaging:

Reusable Cotton Mesh Bag

We love gifting you a reusable bag with each swimsuit purchase! We have room for improvement here as we explore organic and recycled cotton options for our future bags :)

100% natural, unbleached cotton
Recyclable with textile recycling (but we hope that it's used for a longgg time first!) - locate a drop off here
Naturally biodegradable and compostable



Kraft 100% Recycled Tissue paper

Occasionally, we use tissue paper. When we do, it's this one.

100% recycled content
20% post-consumer / 80% post industrial waste
Recyclable - check with your local facilities. Compost if tissue recycling is not available in your area.
Naturally biodegradable and compostable



Extras: Hang tags & insert cards

Extra paper items may also arrive in your package. They are designed with care and we hope that our art cards end up on display in the kids' room! These products are a mix of recycled and non-recycled materials, so we have room for improvement here as we move toward fully recycled paper products.

All of these items are curbside recyclable in your household bin.

*If you care to opt out of any of these "extras" - please leave a note during checkout and we will remove them from your order! Thank you :)