This is another simple and low waste craft to do with your kids for Valentine's Day (or any holiday - I'm convinced that seed mosaics look great on any motif). This natural craft is easy to make with a little repurposed cardboard (a used package or a cereal box) plus any dried grains, beans, or seeds that you have on hand. We like to display our art projects on the wall, so I strung ours together and hung them from branches we've collected. You could also attach one to the end of a stick for a wand!

cardboard-heart-seed-mosaic-craft cardboard-heart-seed-mosaic-craft-bunting


-dried grains, beans, or seeds
-school glue

How to make heart-shaped seed mosaics:

Step 1:
Make a heart template (or a few of various sizes) out of paper by folding the paper in half and drawing your "elephant ear" half heart (my son likes that description). Use your template to trace hearts onto the cardboard and cut out.

Step 2:
Attach your seeds / grains / beans with the glue and have fun with the pattern potential!

Step 3:
Let it dry and gift to a friend, hang it on the wall, or attach it to a stick for a heart wand <3


I must also share the real deal 3 year old version of this craft (below left), which I love so much. It's actually a very intentional representation of dad (top), mom (middle), and himself (bottom). He walked me through it and each bean is a thoughtfully chosen part of the "picture" (I'm crying). Anyway, make art with your kids and let them do whatever they want, it's always worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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