Ethical & Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Kids

Voila! Our Valentine’s Day Roundup <3

Sweet ideas for your little loves to wear, play, and make - from some of our favorite conscious brands, shops, and creators.

We only selected items from mindful small businesses that make quality products with the highest standards for ethical, people-and-planet-friendly, manufacturing.




1) One Piece Swimsuit 

Good Weekend

ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, Elastane


This timeless one piece is comfortable and functional for play - so your child can focus on just that. Ultra soft swimwear essentials in beautiful color choices are kinda our thing. Our swim fabrics are all made from recycled yarns, are UPF50+ and certified STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®. See the full range here.




photo via Les Gamins

2) Waffle Sets

Les Gamins

Cotton, Spandex

$24 top / $24 bottom

These cozy cotton sets are ethically made in LA, from fabric to sewing. This brand creates everyday essentials that are durable, comfortable, and fuss-free. They focus on unisex styles that are classic and season-less, making hand-me-downs easy peasy.




photo via La Paloma

3) Cotton Ruffle Pillow

La Paloma



As if this sweet pillow isn’t perfect enough, there are matching pajama sets and custom chainstitching is available at checkout! La Paloma makes artful pieces for kids and women to sleep, lounge, and play. They believe that "childhood is magic, natural fibers are better and art will save the world." We just love that.




photo via Suns of the Surf

4) Ziggy Knit

Suns of the Surf

Organic Cotton


This soft knit is a staple piece (we need an adult version!). We love that the fit provides for years of growth and that it’s a timeless style to pass down to siblings and friends. Suns of the Surf products are designed by a mom and her two sons and are ethically made in Canada.




photo via Nui Organics

5) Merino Child Nature Socks

Nui Organics

Merino Wool, Elastic, Polyamide


These socks are soft, strong and durable. Merino wool is breathable and naturally antibacterial. These socks stay warm when wet AND dry faster than synthetics. Nui creates high quality, low-impact apparel in timeless, long lasting styles. They use only sustainable materials and an ethical supply chain.




photo via Rudy Jude

6) Pointelle Turtleneck

Rudy Jude

Organic Cotton


We love this nostalgic piece and anything in pointelle feels sweet <3 Rudy Jude garments are all dyed in Los Angeles using only plants(!) Their production processes are clean and natural, keeping harsh chemicals and heavy metals out of our waterways. Their products are intended to get dirty, to be passed down, and be really, really loved. 




photo via Crann Organic

7) Long Sleeve Roses Shirt

Crann Organic

TENCEL, Spandex


This super soft shirt is made from Tencel, a soft yet strong fiber made from sustainably grown beech trees. It’s made in a closed-loop system, so no solvent is wasted or released into the environment during production. Crann Organic was started by a mom simply trying to dress her kids in gentle clothes that wouldn’t irritate their skin. They only use skin friendly, sustainable fabrics and their products are all ethically made in India.




photo via Walker Goods

8) Lil Louie Sling

Walker Goods



A perfect little pouch for collecting treasures. Walker Goods makes a range of bags for the whole family that are highly durable. They wish to inspire families to travel simple and we think their quality products bring ease into packing and adventuring together.




photo via Gnomes & Acorns

9) Metal Garden Tools Set

Gluckskafer Toys via Gnomes & Acorns

Wood, Metal

$29.50 CAD

Perfect for your little garden assistant! We love the bright red color for easily spotting when tossed around the yard. Gluckskafer is a German toy company that makes high quality, safe, open-ended toys using sustainable materials and practices. Gnomes & Acorns is a carefully curated shop based in Canada with the Philosophy: See Beauty. Create Art, Love Reading, Sustain Nature. Their beautifully curated shop collections include Toys and Games; Art, Craft, and School Supplies; Books; Reusable Zero-Waste EcoHome; and Holistic Health Products.




photo via Shop Merci Milo

10) Sequins Fairy-Tale Crown

Shop Merci Milo

Cotton with sequins


This sweet, whimsical crown is handmade in Poland. Merci Milo showcases handmade unique toys and accessories for children from around the world. This family owned business sources only the highest quality toys and ethically made goods. They are proud to support local artisans and small businesses in an effort to help them grow and succeed.




photo via Sarah's Silks

11) Desert Streamer

Sarah’s Silks

Mulberry Silk


We love Sarah’s Silks for their open ended playsilk toys, which allow children to express their imagination and support their independence. Silk is biodegradable and its production is actually healthy for the environment. Farms grow lots of Mulberry trees to provide for the caterpillars to eat the tree leaves to produce silk. No pesticides or chemicals are used during the process, making the finished product 100% natural.




photo via Bella Luna Toys

12) Cuddle Baby Doll

Bella Luna Toys

Cotton, Wool


This sweet, soft and cuddly doll is the perfect size for toddlers and young preschoolers and it helps to develop their nurturing and caring skills. It is handmade in Brazil by a cooperative of women Waldorf doll makers. Bella Luna Toys offers unique natural toys and products for children and families that are safe, healthy, and encourage imaginative play. They are built to last and be handed down to future generations. 




photo via Woodlark

13) DIY Heart-Shaped Beeswax Candles

Woodlark Blog

Beeswax, cotton wick

Beeswax sheets and heart cookie cutters are used to make these sweet, heart shaped candles - a lovely idea to make with your children and gift to family or friends. Ashley from Woodlark shares a variety of beautiful sustainable, seasonal crafts and handwork on her blog and social media. She also offers quality DIY materials and products in her online shop.



photo via @northwoodsfolk

14) Feathered Friend Valentines


Birdseed, Coconut Oil, Gelatin

This DIY heart shaped bird feeder is a super fun idea to make with your kids and gift to the critters! We love everything this nature-inspired mother creates and we take lots of her inspiration into our home. Find beautiful recipes, diy, crafts, plantsteading and homeschooling ideas on her instagram account AND bonus: a link to her free downloadable Mushroom Valentines here <3



We hope you enjoyed our Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day roundup!

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