Re-Recycling and Materials Circularity

We believe in a circular future. In a circular economy, materials are endlessly recycled back into themselves. Not only does this minimize the need for virgin, raw materials, it also reduces pollution, carbon emissions, and landfill waste. 

With this vision in mind, our Re-Recycle Program offers the opportunity to deconstruct old Good Weekend swimsuits and turn them into new ones.

How it works:

It is always best to reuse clothing first, so when your little one has outgrown their swimsuit, if possible, pass it on to a sibling or friend. Our swimsuits are made with quality materials and thoughtful construction so that they will last a long time!

Eventually, even our swimsuits will reach the end of their lifecycle, at which time you can send them back to us for Re-Recycling and receive $10 off your next recycled swimsuit.

Simply order one of our Re-Recycle Bags* for $10, fill it with our old swimsuit(s), and mail it back to us. We cover shipping - both ways! Once purchased, you will receive a $10 credit via email within 24 hours.

Our goal is to reduce textile waste and save our swimsuits from being landfilled or incinerated. Ideally, in the future we will work directly with our yarn producer to re-recycle our old swimsuits into new ones. We are hopeful that once we collect enough old swimsuits, and our business grows a liiiittle bit bigger, this will become a reality. The technology continues to advance in the recycling process for post-consumer textiles and we fully trust that one day it will be accessible to small businesses like us. A circular model must be the future for our industry. 

At this time, we only offer Re-Recycle Bags to US customers.

*Our Re-Recycle Bags are the most sustainable poly mailer on the market from EcoEnclose. They are made with 100% recycled content and 50% post-consumer waste. They have a reusable tear stripe and are recyclable in thin-film bins. We reuse and recycle 100% of the bags that you return to us.